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Welcome to Dot4Soft!

Dot4Soft is a group of enthusiastic and experienced software development specialists. Group consists of few specialists of programming and project management. Some tasks are outsourced to our friendly partners.

Main software development projects are personal information management and productivity tools but the company is always opened for new ideas and opportunities. Starting with Business Contacts application company is willing to provide market with products having new features, new approach to data storing and visual displaying. Products are developed using modern programming techniques and tools.

Try and use our products, happy user is our main task.


30/06/2007 - Second Business Contacts Version

Second version of Business Contacts is starting today. More information about Business Contacts you may found on Product description and Support pages.

10/11/2006 - First Business Contacts Version

Dot4Soft team has set the task to launch a first version of a first product until Christmas. There has...

11/11/2006 - Dot4Soft Web Launch Date

Dot4Soft Web page is going to be launched until 15/04/2007

11/11/2006 - BC Distribution

A distribution of the Business Contacts is going to be performed using C Net distribution channels.